5 Steps You Can Take To Fight Racism & Fascism In Your Community

New Syndicalist

The below article comes to us from Nick, a digital organiser for HOPE not hate, an anti-racist and anti-fascist advocacy group on 5 simple steps you can take to fight racism & fascism in your community. Often it seems that populism is tied to racist or fascist elements, and even left populism can take thinly (or not so thinly) veiled nationalist or anti-semitic overtones. An analysis of populism, and it’s utility to organisers and socialists has to deal with this, and propose ways to defuse this where necessary. We welcome contributions from the wider anti-racist & anti-fascist movement focused on their relationship with trade unionism and working class organising, as well as updated analysis of the far right and suggestions for innovative and effective ways our readers can get involved.

It’s early 2019, and we’ve already witnessed Members of Parliament and the media being harassed and abused on the streets…

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